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How technical is that? It’s just a trailer right?

I just recently began my work in the trailer/hauler industry, and one consistent thing people ask when I talk about what I do is, “Jon, how technical is that? It’s just a trailer right?” It’s something I would have asked a few months ago too, but it is so much more than that. I have come to know that while there are some trailers that look the same on the outside, what’s on the inside and underneath can be a whole different story. In fact, it has come to blow my mind in the amount of options, upgrades, and customization that can be added to our trailers.

To find out what you want in a trailer just ask yourself, “What do I want to put in this trailer?” Already, in my short time, I have seen so many different variations. The basic work trailers, to concession type trailers, even clothing vendor trailers. There was even one trailer that was used as a simple lawn shed, but with wheels!

Indeed, the most important question you can ask yourself is, “What am I putting in this trailer?” Simultaneously, it is also one of the most important pieces of information that you can communicate to your dealer. Once this information has been supplied, the pieces begin to fall into place and it can be used to construct a fine trailer worthy of your needs!