It’s been a few years ago now and as fast as time travels maybe even a couple of decades, but do you remember when one of the major auto manufacturers used this effective slogan; “the closer you look, the better we look”? I think you’ll agree, that slogan said a mouthful in just 8 words!

At American Hauler we challenge our potential customers to do something similar; to “Look Under, Look Around and Look Up!” For this blog I would like to discuss a portion of “LOOK UNDER.”


As with any vehicle running down the highway at potential speeds of 65mph and greater you do not want to compromise your safety, the safety of others and property by using inadequate running gear (axles/brakes).

With the above in mind; American Hauler has taken the high road and spent the extra dollars to address this vital component of the trailer manufacturing process and chooses to use Dexter Axles verses an S.O.B. (Some Other Brand).

Why Dexter Axle?

  • Dexter has earned a great reputation here in Elkhart County, Indiana. Elkhart, you know the county that ships 10’s of thousands of trailers on wheels each month all across the country and in some cases around the world? A great reputation of product performance, parts and service along with a 2 year warranty vs. the competitor’s 1 year warranty!
  • My personal experience with what I consider to be the better axle choice is first hand; prior to becoming a manufacturer representative in the cargo trailer industry, I spent 27 years with recreational vehicles. A portion of that time I served as a Product Mgr for a travel trailer line who is part of a 4 billion dollar a year company. As a product manager I attended weekly meetings pouring over parts and warranty data. What came to our attention during these meetings was that the “Some Other Brand” axles represented the highest warranty dollar amount paid. We then started to compare with other divisions within the company and discovered they too were experiencing a high number of axle and brake failures. Brakes that were just falling apart in the hubs! Our plan of action, like American Hauler’s, was to take the high road and spend the extra dollars for the best axle/brake (running gear) for the money!

It is possible that the average cargo trailer buyer may never think to question what he/she is getting for their money in this vital area UNTIL he/she is parked alongside the highway with their trailer tilted to the side, as we have all seen numerous times, with a brake or axle failure!

I challenge you to LOOK UNDER and take the high road and spend a few extra dollars for SAFETY’S SAKE!

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