VALUE; is the most important factor when shopping for a trailer. As a consumer it is up to you to make an educated choice. Believe me I know how tempting it is to be lured by low priced products. But ultimately you need to decide which trailer fits your needs and offers you the best VALUE.

I remember buying my middle son a bicycle for Christmas one year. I saw the price of the bike and it was too good to pass. It came in a box and I waited until Christmas Eve to assemble the bicycle. As I assembled it, the wheel bearings were missing on one side, the front forks did not fit correctly into the steering head, and basically it was a pile of junk. You can imagine that Christmas with a very disappointed eight year old. The day after Christmas we went shopping for a good quality bicycle. We chose the one we felt had the best VALUE. It was not the most expensive bike nor the cheapest but after a thorough inspection it was well built and had VALUE. The bike cost almost twice as much as the cheap bike.

He enjoyed that bike many years. It sat in my barn many years after he outgrew it. A few years ago I was out in my barn and the neighbor kids were out playing. There are six kids in that family and only three bikes to share. I gave them my son’s bike. The neighbor kids have enjoyed that bike the last two summers. My son is now twenty eight years old. That old bicycle is twenty years old and going strong. It has tremendous VALUE.

At American Hauler our goal is to build VALUE into every trailer. Our purchasing department works hard to buy the highest quality components for American Hauler trailers. Many times our components are more expensive that other brands but there is quality and thus VALUE in their product. The American Hauler Night Hawk, Silver Hawk, All Sport, and Falcon models are undercoated with an automotive grade undercoating and we apply spray on bed liner material as standard features. All models now feature L.E.D. exterior lights, ¾” “DRYMAX” flooring (see link- Again these are higher quality products which offer VALUE and dependability.  Compare the fit and finish of the American Hauler to other brands. We use quality components to ensure a quality trailer that offers you VALUE.

VALUE is evident in your American Hauler trailer when you can look back at years of hassle free service. Make the educated choice and choose the VALUE of the American Hauler.


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