American Hauler has been building quality custom trailer since 2003. We are not fixated on being the largest or the most well-known trailer manufacturer. Instead, we are focused on satisfying the unique needs of the people who use our trailers. Whether it's your business or your weekend recreational passion, we understand its not the trailer itself that is so important, but rather the valuable things that you put inside. American Hauler . . . Hauling the American Spirit!

American Hauler manufacturers both steel and aluminum framed trailers. Both have their unique advantages and both make excellent trailers. Few materials can match the strength and durability of steel. Because steel is so strong, you can often use less in the manufacturing process, partially negating the weight. In general, steel is less expensive than aluminum. Aluminum is a lighter metal in terms of density and overall not as strong. Aluminum does have natural anti-corrosive properties which provide a long-lasting attractive appearance and requires less maintenance. Depending on your application and budget, American Hauler can provide the best-suited trailer, steel or aluminum, for your planned use.
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 Hauling the American Spirit!
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American Hauler Trailers are sold and serviced through a professional network of authorized dealers that is over 190 strong. Our distribution footprint extends to the East Coast, as far South as Tennessee, West to Colorado, and North into Canada.